About Truly Independent LLC.

Since this is an early post explaining what Truly Independent is, I am going to be leaving out some details. We are early in our own story as a media outlet, so there is a lot we don’t know and directions that aren’t yet apparent. For the beginning, we will not be using our real names. We are all professional or student journalists who are committed to changing what journalism is. For too long journalism has been tainted by corporations and governments. The job of a real journalist is to hold these powers to account, not to toe the party line and shake hands with corporations.

I personally want to make it clear that I don’t have anything against advertisers, I have something against advertisers controlling our content. We should not have to worry about an advertiser pulling funding because we do an article on them, good or bad. We are not, nor will we ever be advertisers ourselves. Making companies look good, advertisers and unrelated companies both, is not our purpose.  Our purpose is to present the news, no matter how mundane or boring. Clickbait is not our game.

Along with voting and paying taxes, journalism is a cornerstone of a democratic society. Journalists have the power to take down an entire government, even in the “most powerful” country in the world. It is time to raise the bar for journalism once again and take back the market share from corporations masquerading as media.

Leo Chaplain
Alias for Truly Independent Founder and Managing Editor


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